About Us:
We have long been a sporting dog family with multiple animals.  Our two children are
grown and live nearby often making trips home to "house sit" (a/k/a dog sitting).  We live
in a country setting with a fenced in yard and our dogs live with us in our home.
The name we have given our kennel comes from our
son's long-time love for fantasy novels when he was
young.  Tolkien's trilogy is his favorite. Many of our
past pets and the theme for Ruby's litter are drawn
from names in mythology.
Our introduction to the Welsh
World came in 2008 as the
result of Ron seeking a new
hunting companion.  Contacts
led us to Teri Johnson,
Fireside Kennels and Ruby.

One visit was enough to tell
us that she was destined to
be part of our Spaniel group
and she came home with us
that day.
As Ruby matured, we realized that she was going
to be both a wonderful family member and hunting
companion, as well as possessing qualities that
would bring her success in the show ring.  Some
Welshies can be shy and retiring.  It became clear
that there was nothing shy about this red and
white Spaniel and that fact led us to the decision to
obtain her AKC Championship and pass along
those traits on to her offspring.
We were fortunate to be referred to Candy Carswell, Ruby's handler, who was kind
enough to take us on and guide us into the dog show world.  We are forever thankful for
her patience and knowledge.
Shirewood Welsh Springer Spaniels
Colchester, CT